Today’s #thecubemwm had a strongman theme, solid full body strength session 💪 Teams of 3, Indian file through the 6 exercises working at roughly 70% 1RM’s for 50 mins - log clean and press x 4 - prowler 20 metres - starting strength bench press x 6 - chain yoke...
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We are hosting a kids first aid course here at The Cube Gym on the 19th of January. This is the only first aid course delivered exclusively by experienced paramedics, designed to teach parents/caregivers how to respond calmly and confidently to 10 of the most common first aid emergency situations....
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It was hot, it was sweaty, it was the first Saturday set for the year and everyone smashed it!!! Well done team! Good to see some new faces in the mix also! Bring on 2019 @thecubegym
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The first Saturday group conditioning sets of 2019 on tomorrow: Ladies Only 7am All In 8am See you in the morning 💪🏽 Image: @marceauphotography
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