“Don’t underestimate the value of doing nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.” ~ A. A. Milne ☀️
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Absolutely glorious late this afternoon and evening at our local wildlife reserve! Frog catching and more monarch sightings (Joshua has a running count) and the late summer sounds of crickets and geese on the pond. One of my priorities this school year is (at least) weekly nature hikes and we...
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Quiet end to my day ☕️ And, a reminder to not grow weary in this work - and to you, whatever your calling is: ~ Sew in the morn thy seed; At eve hold not thy hand; To doubt and fear give thou no heed - Broad-cast it o’er the...
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Boost morale while daddy’s away by adding candles and jazz music to dinner! #momhack #125percentmorecivilized #makinghome
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When Christmas twinkle lights get taken out early for fall because why not! ✨ 🍂 ✨ The long wood leaf garland just jumped into my cart at Michaels today but it was half off so I allowed it 😆. I’m also proud of myself because I took all four kiddos...
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Fall tones from the thrift store! 🍂 I’ve been out of the habit of buying secondhand for myself but $11 for three tops was definitely worth the bit of time sifting through the racks! #thrifting
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