@justfoodfordogs is a perfect partner for us in our never-ending quest for providing the ultimate in nutrition and healthcare options for your furry family member! That’s why the decision was simple for us to move a Just Food For Dogs pantry right into our hospital lobby! Make sure you check...
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Let the seasonal wraps continue! This cute rescue pup was actually hit by a car and has been a regular, coming back for treatments and re-checks. Did you know we work closely with a number of local rescues? We have always been very big on helping as much as we...
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Splints and casts shouldn’t be scary for our patients. Or should they? (Maniacal laugh.... maniacal laugh...) But, seriously... we have some of the most caring, amazing and gentle staff here doing these intricate treatments on your fur-babies. Their paws are in the best hands!
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Who else is in the mood for some purple? Oh how we love our patients (and their awesome owners!). This makes us excited for what we see during the week of Halloween! We may have to give out a prize for best pet costume that week!
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