Favorite flowers, on my favorite balcony, by one of my favorite girls @justcorny
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"Mam ik word alocasia kweker" lola approves 🌿
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Hagrid got nothing on me 🌹
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Golden hour doesn't need a filter damnnnnn it was pretty out this evening!!!! ☀️
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Last one before going to bed and getting up early again for my ballet recitel tomorrow, such a busy week boy o boy. I need to sleep for days after this haha, but it's all been so good damnnnn!!!! To be honest, i was very worried about this whole week,...
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Thanks so much to everyone that came by to say hi and support my artwork it means the absolute world, you can't even imagine. I was quite scared it wasn't going to work out, or that nobody would show up but y'all came thruuuuuu !!!! Your kind words and faith...
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