Everyone needs someone who will call and say, “get dressed, we’re going on an adventure”…who’s your #adventurebuddy? | Photo by: @joew087 | #Expandyourplayground with #HumanPoweredAdventures at #CallaghanCountry
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- FREE PANCAKES at #CallaghanCountry's #JourneymanLodge today - ~8:00am suggested arrival at the Callaghan Lake parking area and trailhead ~9:00am-Noon Pancake Brunch and social in the lodge dining room See you there!
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Huckleberry Festival this Weekend! Join us this Saturday, September 22nd, at #JourneymanLodge for a FREE PANCAKE BREAKFAST. It's beautiful, it's social, and it's delicious. Check out our blog for more details.
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‘Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.’ ~ Bob Marley | Final weekend of Hiking Operations at #JourneymanLodge #HikeCallaghan #Expandyourplayground #ExploreBC | Photo by: @eleventara
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Winter Adventures? One #SkiCallaghan pass provides access to 130km on the combined #CallaghanCountry & Whistler Olympic Park trail network. You can nordic ski, ski tour, snowshoe, sightsee, or use the toboggan hill...a new way to play for every kind of day. Extra Early Bird Sale ends October 8th: http://bit.ly/XtraEarlyBirdSP
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Welcome to our Winter 201819 #JourneymanLodge Hosts, Aaron & Alisha! Read more about them on our recent blog post... http://ow.ly/Y43B30lzGQH
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