When you're helping to oversee a garnet hunt for kids but the festival organizers put you in front of a used bookstore, and the bookstore has a giant festival sale... 😎 . . ($3.25 for everything)
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The first stomach bug of upcoming winter season has arrived! Three out of five kids down and eternally grateful we don't have carpeting. 😷😷😷
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Recently, I won a giveaway of art lessons from @chalkpastelart . Today, we decided to give them a go. Surprisingly, my Y3 really got into them. My Y3 has had his challenges with fine motor skills, so I expected him to be the least interested. He finished the entire lesson,...
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@charlottemasonirl is talking about Glorious Chores this week. Chores are always a tricky subject around here. I'm an intense perfectionist who could get things done faster and easier if I just do it myself. I have kids who struggle with following multistep directions, as well as having sensory issues so...
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My great-grandfather looks like he has HEARD it all and is sick of your nonsense. 😁 That jawline of his has persisted for five generations (him, my grandpa, my dad, me, and some of the kids).
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We took our fish loving kids to the state fish hatchery and let them feed trout! . . Pic 3 is the Roe River, the shortest river in the world. #4 is the terrifying no railings walk which freaked out most of my kids. #6 is the Missouri River, #7...
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