Going to town on asparagus right now. Spaghetti with asparagus cream, Parmesan (or ricotta salads)& asparagus tips. Another quick dinner! Blend the stalks with cream & save the tips- to thread through the dish. #lazycook #supperclub #recipe #vegetarian #pasta
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Colours are important in Hinduism: these powders are daubed on foreheads when being blessed at a temple. Red is the colour of marriage, hence a red sari for the ceremony, red down the centre parting, red dots on the forehead. Yellow is for single girls to attract a mate. Saffron...
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Monkeys like rich tea biscuits. I’m travelling around central India, visiting architectural sites like #Mandu and #omkareshwar monkeys are everywhere. They look cute but could wrench your arm off if they feel like it. 🐒#nofilter #travel #india #madhyapradesh #monkeys #animals #biscuits #richteabiscuits #feedinganimals
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At Mandu in Madhyar Pradesh. These are architectural sites from the 6th century, from parmaris to moguls to Afghans to Uzbeks to Bengali’s? To be honest while it’s v beautiful etc once you’ve seen one set of stone arches you’ve seen them all. No English speaking guides. And you have...
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