OHHHHH YEAHHHH!! Strawberry Cake! Gabriella makes a mean cake. Veggies rejoice, Roasted Red Pepper and Spinach Omelette is the Breakfast Sammie! Carnivores take a seat at the table, the “Unique Biscuit Flava”is Sausage Cheddar. Tim is mixin’ tomorrow. Come say hello.
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The weather is gloomy but we hope everyone is safe out there! Don’t let it stop you from coming to get this delicious white grape and pistachio torte! Our breakfast sandwich is a cheddar and chive omelette. The unique is cinnamon honey. See you early!
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You, and this chunky monkey donut. Say no more. We’ve got these coming at you in the case tomorrow! The breakfast sandwich is a classic, meat lovers! The unique is dulce de leche. Brave this “hurricane” and come see us!
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Breakfast is served! Sultry roasted red pepper, arugula, pepper jack quiche with a dusting of Italian herbs. Start your Friday off right! The breakfast sandwich is steak and egg, the unique is strawberries and cream! Happy weekend!
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Warm up with these honey fig handpies and a piping hot cup of Early Bird! Tomorrow we’ve got the pimento cheese omelette coming your way as the breakfast sandwich, along with our savory unique, jack’d up ranch! See you bright and early!
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Florence is on her way but we’ve got something to be excited about! Spiced apple galettes to go with a little sneak peak preview of a fall coffee beverage! The spiced apple latte! Come drown your weather worries with this duo. The unique biscuit will be maple bacon! The Sammy...
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