Students from Rhode Island to California are getting active on campuses across the country, encouraging their classmates to say NO to @McDonalds animal abuse!
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#McDonalds doesn’t want you to know the truth about the animal cruelty in its chicken supply chain! . Chickens raised for @mcdonalds suffer from ammonia burns, heart failure and unnatural growth which causes debilitating injuries 💔 👉Visit to learn more👈
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#Repost @brooke_shephard ・・・ . Today my petition against @mcdonalds is live! Thanks to @thehumaneleague Athens has been able to launch a campaign against our local franchise owner Paul Messer. As a part of the #imnotlovinit campaign, are asking McDonald’s to adopt a more meaningful welfare policy for the chickens in...
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#Repost @ceaseanimaltorture ・・・ Check out @carley.blayney interview about @thehumaneleague 88% campaign! • @carley.blayney discusses how, “the breed of chickens raised for sale grows so quickly that their legs often break underneath them. They are very young when they’re killed (about 42 days old, 6 weeks; their natural lifespan is 10-15...
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