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- a beautiful new book Chateau de Villette. Villette, designed by Mansart, has been meticulously restored by designer Jacques Garcia. The book takes inspiration from its most noted chatelaine- Sophie de Grouchy, Marquess de Condorcet. Villette hosted Jefferson, Franklin and Thomas Paine pre-revolution. Original garden design by Notre, the dining...
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well said. the current waters of the trump swamp built on a #houseofcards with the ever rebellious & brilliant @viviennewestwood and the ever quotable #shakespeare #twentyfirstcenturybard #dylan #jokerman #manipulatorofcrowdsyoureadreamtwister #treeoflife
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Glamour gal, but Who?
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Anne France Mannheimer, (Anne France Engelhard ), Mrs Samuel Reed, Mrs Oscar de La Renta , Annette.
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