Neste final de semana a Limited Edition abre as portas para mais um Artist Space. Os convidados de honra dessa vez são @brao2 e @marcelomatere #artistspace
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Look at these new Chromatic eyeshadow palettes from @elfcosmetics! The color combinations are absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to play with them both! And the Prismatic Lip Glosses are so metallic! Last but not least let’s talk about the new facial
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Edward Hopper, attraverso la banalità della quotidianità, tesse un ritratto intenso e schietto della solitudine e dell'alienazione dell'uomo contemporaneo. La forza evocativa dei luoghi, che senza dire nulla raccontano storie quotidiane, fanno della sua o
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Find someone that is just as good at being a friend as they are at being your forever. . . . . . . . . . . #WildHairAndHappyHearts #TheSincereStoryteller #firstsandlasts #RadLoveStories #CoupleGoals #LiveAuthentically #belovedstories #LoveAndWildHearts #j
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