@i.am.zlatko shaved bay we completed last year. He brought us the vehicle with the painted bay and painted motor in its place, we took care of the rest. Hidden A/C and ABS plumbing, aluminum brake res, modified intake, vacuum pump deleted, aluminum radiator with hidden filler, tucked harness, catch can...
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Heres a few items we've built for different vehicles recently. First is a catch can for a supercharged #VR powered #MK2. It will be mounted to the side of the frame rail. Second is a coolant overflow tank for our shop dually. It's a direct replacement for the factory unit...
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Modified high flow cat for an Audi B9 sedan to fit the SQ5. __________ #swoopsbuilt #webuildradshit #hardlinesbyswoops #madeintheUSA
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We fabricated a set of splash guards for the intakes on @cartelfunds #lamborghini . Formed from sheet aluminum with bead rolled and dimple die details. Affixes to same clamp that secures the filter to the intake tube. _________________ #swoopsbuilt #webuildradshit #hardlinesbyswoops #madeintheUSA
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