Labor Day weekend was a labor filled weekend for us! We finally got around to finishing up a few house tasks, and we are wrapping up a few more today πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ the name of the game is Shelves. Shelves everywhere. Follow @thompsonsbuildahouse for a house tour! Coming soon!! #ourarticle
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When your film scans come in from the prettiest @riveroakscharleston wedding 😍 #charlestonphotographer #charlestonweddingphotographer
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It’s up and live, and feels kinda weird. @jordanmikalpaints
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G I V E A W A Y - Well, here goes! I’m launching my little painting site tomorrow, and to celebrate I’m giving away this little 12”x12” Oyster Roast framed painting. Entry information is posted over on @jordanmikalpaints .
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