It’s October 3rd and I have a fifth sense. 💅🏻💁🏼‍♀️🎀
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Why, this outfit is monochromatic, it’s systematic, it’s oooooverdramatic.... Why, it’s today’s look!
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I was always #TeamEdward. The second and final look in my two-day Twilight fashion saga pays homage to Edward Cullen, the most moody and sparkly vampire of all time. I got the Eclipse T-shirt (to wear to the midnight premier, naturally) adorned with Edward’s face and weird hands at Hot...
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If you’ve been keeping up with my Insta stories, you’ll know that I did a poll on whether to wear my Twilight T-shirts in public and make it ~fashion~. An overwhelming majority of you voted “yes.” Today, I wore my New Moon tee I got at Barnes & Noble in...
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