Phase three; installing the amp onto the control panel and test-fitting it into the cabinet. This is now an old photo as I've re-done the board to simplify things some more. . #PortableSpeaker #EminenceSpeakers #DaytonAudio #CustomAmp #WoodWorking #PartsExpress #BatteryPowered #GuitarAmp
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Just trying out different ring cores to see how I like them. The left one is a Rosewood variant, whereas the right one is flame Maple dyed orange. They are both inset into a two-piece stainless steel core. Initially I wasn't expecting to like these, but they have character! ....
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Spent some time today cutting down run-offs from old projects into blanks that can be used for more wooden rings. Various thicknesses, multiple species, mucho fun. . @tam_and_treena want some? . #Woodworking #Lathe #Rings #Maple #Padauk #PurpleHeart #Cocobolo #Mahogany #Ebony
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Today I made two rings to test out my new lathe - and my new skills. On the left is solid Cherry, on the right is Padauk and plywood - both sport a stainless steel core. I have so many varieties of wood in my shop, gonna try them all....
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