Feeling under the weather and unsure of what my body is telling me is leaving me feeling in a fog. I finally beat the “swollen eye saga” and now on to other things. 🙈Fingers crossed the eye probs don’t come back and I can start feels like myself again. ....
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Self growth is a work in progress over here. Be sure to swing back by later tonight, I’ll be sharing what my plan is with my page and some exciting new announcements.
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Affirmations are a wonderful tool that have helped me along in my self love journey. I have been really hard on myself in the last few years and saying these words have helped me change my prospective, and hopefully change my life in the future. If you are struggling with...
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Dear Body, You were never a problem. There is nothing wrong with your size, your curves, your scars, your flaws, your stretch marks or you. It’s not your job to look like the people in magazines. It’s not your job to look “pretty” you’re good enough already. 💕
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