A bit late to the party as he’s been part of this crazy family for a little over a week now but everyone, meet Archie ???????????? #Yemen #YemenChameleon #Chameleon #VeiledChameleon #ChamsofInstagram #ExoticPets #Pets #KarmaChameleon #AdventuresofArchie
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Mt Salafiyah At Taqwa Bandung jalan - jalan euy ! Bersama @kliksewabus Kamu kapan jalan - jalan euy sama kita ???????? √ Wa : 62 812-2342-8485 • √ ???? : 62 22-2051-2087 • √ ???? Jl. Kacapiring No. 30/122 Ahmad yani, Bandung 40271 • √ Web : www.bispar
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Do the smart thing. ???????? We live in a time and age where we’re all so incredibly connected. ⚡️ Technology is amazing and it allows us to keep in touch with our friends an family just about everywhere, means you can take a panoramic photos with the tou
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