Just trying out different ring cores to see how I like them. The left one is a Rosewood variant, whereas the right one is flame Maple dyed orange. They are both inset into a two-piece stainless steel core. Initially I wasn't expecting to like these, but they have character! ....
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Happy Birthday @jenngoddess !!
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Happy Birthday... to me! This is, for me, possibly the best tasting Scotch in the world, so I grabbed a bottle to help me mark my first half-century. Willing to share, but I won't be going very far once I dig in. Sadly, today also moves me past the last...
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Another batch of rings completed. This pretty much exhausts my first collection of metal-core wooden rings... now what do I do with them? . Top: Walnut / Spalted Maple / Purple Heart Bottom: Zebrawood / Buckeye Burl / Cedar . #Woodworking #WoodenRings #Jewellery #Lathe #WoodTurning #ExoticWood
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