Current read! πŸ“– #chillpreneur Highly recommended and written by my childhood dancing friend @denisedt πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Do yourself a favor and get a copy STAT!
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I’ve been eyeing off my 10 year olds Polaroid camera for a while now.. but always end up back on my trusty iphone! I also have a DSLR collecting dust in my study too.. I have all these great intentions about producing great content and photos and then get distracted...
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A full day of classroom learning yesterday with @businessofbrandau @businesschicks and @marketingamanda yesterday. My head is still buzzing with ideas this morning! It’s so great to step out or your day to day business routine to work β€˜on your business’ , otherwise we are always just β€˜doing’ which often feels...
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