Today we handed in our keys and said bye to our apartment. This was the first home Daniel and I built together. The place we started our marriage. The place we had some of our worst fights and happiest memories. The place we came back to after our honeymoon. The...
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I’m pretty sure we saw upwards of 50 sea lions today! Daniel and I had no idea there would be so many!! And y’all...they smell and sound terrible 🤣 I couldn’t believe how close we could get to them, but mostly how BLUE the water was! I need the Atlantic...
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I am absolutely in love with the architecture in San Diego!! Everything feels so relaxing and colorful! Plus being surrounded by palm trees and ocean views all day helps ☺️
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San Diego is living up to the hype y’all!! We haven’t seen the sun yet, but we are hoping to tomorrow. So far, the food has been 😍😍😍 the views have been 😍😍😍 and the company has been 😍😍😍
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