Hadley asked to take a photo with me today because she said I looked pretty 😭 she is the sweetest little girl ever & I can’t believe in 1 week she will be 5 ! HOWWW do I cope with this !!??? . Also, yes we are in @hobbylobby !...
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Toooo cute not to share 🌿!! I received the sweetest package filled with handmade goodies from @oliveandbeanco the other day !! 2 pairs of moccasins, a headband & personalized binky clip !!! I’m in love & you can use the code 🌞 TORIE20 for 20% off your order !!
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& the weeks continue to fly... 26 weeks, 182 days growing Greta Moon & 98 days to go 🦋🧡. Anyone else have or had pregnancy anxiety ?? I see all these expecting mamas living life so normal, working full time jobs, working out and killing it! (I am definitely envious)...
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I haven’t posted a selfie in a REAL long time soo here’s my face
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