Shout out to everyone with #RBF! 😉🗣️ I'm not angry or upset or uninterested; I just have resting b*tch face. 🤷🙃 #sorrynotsorry
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While we were in Toronto, @kingdomchurchyeg came up a lot. We explained to them that the mission is simple: introduce as many people as possible to an authentic relationship with Christ. Then we asked the question, "Would you ever invite someone who's never been to church, who doesn't know God,...
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GOOD MORNING TO THE NBA CHAMPS @raptors AND ALL OF THEIR FANS ONLY! PERIOD. 🙌👏🎊🎊 It's an amazing feeling to know that the heartbreak we've experienced every year since 2014 when we kept making runs every year that were so close yet so far, and every year prior that, came...
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I think it's safe to say summer is officially here, so enjoy the warm weather, late nights, and lots of memories. 😊
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