Shout out to everyone with #RBF! 😉🗣️ I'm not angry or upset or uninterested; I just have resting b*tch face. 🤷🙃 #sorrynotsorry
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Leading up to the wedding, every time someone brought up getting married, I would become incredibly animated with excitement. My mom would semi-scold me to keep my composure. 😂 She kept saying she's never seen someone so publicly and openly jump with glee every time someone talked about marriage. But...
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Our wedding was planned down to the tee, from what was going where to what was happening how to what was playing when. 🙈 I had a colour-coordinated binder with dividers outlining every little detail that all my coordinators had to do was show up and execute the binder. So,...
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Everyone in our entourage was someone we grew up with: siblings, close family, and high school friends.We both knew each other's entourage and most of them knew each other. We're immensely grateful to know these people and have them in our lives. ❤️
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