//STRANGERS/ Went to Quiapo and decided to take some portraits of random strangers. It was really challenging but fun at the same time. And yes I experienced getting rejected but that's part of the process and something you should really expect. If you're
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Playing a 4 players game! Plucky Penguins’ kickstarter campaign starts on June 14th!!! The preview will be online soon???????????? Take a look and follow us on instagram and facebook???????????? - #pluckypenguins #kickstarter #kickstarterproject #tablet
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Ham, Bacon Pineapple - Sweet!
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Sur le blog, je vous parle de ma routine 100% naturelle, celle que j'adopte depuis un bon mois et que j'aime vraiment beaucoup ! Et vous quel est votre rituel cheveux et quels sont vos produits chouchou ? _____________________________________ #paris #ha
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