Thank you @gaultetmillau for the ongoing trust in our team. It has been great being 'Chef of the Year 2017' and I want to congratulate Eric Fernez, chef of @deugénieàémilie, as my successor ????
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Done isi duit raya. Ni yang wajib je tau. Selain parents la. Yang tu SPECIAL sikit. Yang sunat2 kalau bagi tak bersampul ataupun isi sampul on the spot ada lagi. . Style aku ngan wife, kami akan berkongsi. Isi duit dalam sampul, total up then bahagi dua.
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Meu Porto Seguro ♥️
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Se réchauffer avec un bon thé et une part de marbré chocolat-matcha...❄️❤️ La recette est en ligne sur le blog, lien dans ma bio #unjolicoupdefourchette #cake #cakemarbré #marblecake #chocolat #chocolate #matcha #matchatea #thematcha #instagood #instafood
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Originally only released in Japan, the X100 V-Edge Titanium necklace is now available in the U.S.! Two choices of length 16" or 20" and your choice of brown or black! ☝️CLICK the link in our bio to get your limited edition X100 V-Edge Titatnium necklace b
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