Sharing 50 different embroidered dresses on the blog all ranging from $25-$200!???? They would be perfect for any occasion: wedding, bridal shower, brunch or even graduation!???? . . Get the dress links by following @_fortheloveofglitter in the @liketokn
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So I might have got enough breakfast for two but I had to get a selection for the gram!! Unfortunately the cooked part was a let down which was a shame ???? but the fruit, pastries and coffee were a win ????????????☕️ . . . . . #roomservice #breakfastinbe
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???? 社会人一年目のwomanに#ホワイトニング が大人気???? 歯が白くなったと驚いて喜んでおられました✨ またのご来店お待ちしております! . . . ステキな笑顔を大切に✨ 大切な人の前や営業で人に会うときは笑顔が大切!! . 楽しい時こそステキな笑顔を???????? 笑顔は歯で決まる!! 真っ白な歯でステキな笑顔を手に入れよう???? 歯の黄ばみが気になる方。 タバコを吸われる方。 笑顔に自信の無い方。 お気軽にお問い合わせください???? #rankup #セルフホワイトニング
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