//STRANGERS/ Went to Quiapo and decided to take some portraits of random strangers. It was really challenging but fun at the same time. And yes I experienced getting rejected but that's part of the process and something you should really expect. If you're
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Just a quick grab to refresh???? this place is too popular to find myself some peace. If I were 10ys younger I might fall in love with it. #爛醉咖啡 #coffeeshop #latteart #barista #coffeetime #coffee #instagood #coffeelover #daily #latte #coffee #foodporn #oo
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Jangan bilang ke aku kalo kamu belum piknik, nanti kamu bakal aku ajak piknik soalnya ???? Jalan - jalan euy ! Bersama @kliksewabus ????Loc. Jungle Land Sentul, Bogor, Jawa Barat, Indonesia√ √ √ Wa : 62 812-2342-8485 • √ ???? : 62 22-2051-2087 • √ ????
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