m A y 2 0 快晴の日曜日昼下がり、欠品していたアイテムの追加入荷しました。 originalのアイテム marchébag 800yen standard Tee 3800yen cap 2500yen #hppshop #hpporiginal #ruupdesign
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Happy Friday!! ????This wall of or classic range makes us very happy! ????Just let you know our range is currently on promo in @tescoirl stores until 1st May! ????????
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Como a gente quer ver todas as nossas clientes lindonas arrasando no Dia dos Namorados, temos uma vantagem especial para vocês: R$ 20,00 de desconto nas compras acima de R$ 150,00 utilizando o cupom "seame". Corre lá pra garantir suas peças preferidas! ww
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Let’s all take a minute to be happy that this is the example sentence when you google “poring.” Heather is a smart chick. (Also, anybody else completely paranoid about swapping “poring” and “pouring”? I triple-check every time.) . . . . . . #bookblogger #
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