☀️ We went for a walk over to the white water rafting centre at Lee Valley today. The centre was built back in 2012 for the Olympics and is now open to the public. We sat at the bar terrace and watched everyone fighting their way through the rapids ????...
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Granola watermelon and strawberries! What could be a better breakfast than this in summer?!???????????? Oh well after this I am off to gym and than picking some strawberries. Mine from the garden are all in my breakfast so I need to get some more!???? Hav
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Nasza spódniczka • SOFIA • idealnie sprawdzi się w eleganckich stylizacjach z koszulą i weekendowych z topem i sandałkami ☀️ Ołówkowy fason świetnie wyszczupla sylwetkę ♥️ Dostępna na stronie • www.trzyigly.com • zapraszamy ???????????? / #polishbrand #br
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