Ganas de ponernos prendas como estas a todas horas, que dicen verano por todas sus esquinas... como de bonita es esta blusa de pedrería y bordados blanca?? La podéis encontrar de novedad en nuestra web con otras muchas cosas más ???????? #new
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In two days you return to the north! Lofoten will be ready waiting for you at the door????Who would like to join us? ????@talktohenrik #thesun • • BOOK YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE AT • WWW.LOFOTEN.INFO ✅ • #lofotenislands #lofoten #norway #lofoteninfo #norge #no
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Almost the weekend ???????? and I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for another long weekend. Plus technically for me today is my last day at work as tomorrow and Friday I’m staying/working in Coventry for some training. Looking forward to a nice 2 n
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Now, for those of you who don’t know what a Rocky Mountain Oyster is, how can I put this? It’s that part of the cow… it’s under the cow… well sort of… near the back… the oysters kind of come in their own bag… IT’S THE BALLS, OKAY!!! THEY’RE COW...
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