🔆 Common grounds of #Islam and #Christianity ⁉️ Did you known that The #Quran (the holy book of the Muslims) refers to many miracles of Christ such as healing the sick and resurrection of the dead just as the New Testament refers? #SundayMorning #SundayThoughts #life #quote https://t.co/A5wS063QfK
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☀On this day the #Zionist terrorists accompanied by Phalangist militias of #Lebanon invaded two Palestinian refugees’ camps –#Sabra and #Shatila- located in the southwest of Beirut between the 16th and the 18th of September 1982. Ariel Sharon, Israel’s minister for... https://t.co/Ccu7MoOnIh
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RT @MuhammadSmiry: Is this how Israeli candidates manage to win elections? RIP humanity. #Palestine https://t.co/wXjiUUQVfz
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#Saudi govt is massacring innocent children and #US is complicit They have murdered so many children! Well, this is a grave crime as well, which has unfortunately been committed by the Saudi government. However, they have done so with the support of the U.S., with its approval.. https://t.co/qHSQcUd7j3
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