My sweet girl! ???? We've been passing around some kind of virus at our house, and it was my turn today. But I think the worst is over ???????? and hopefully the rain will stop one of these days, too! Now we're watching the Cubs, I'm nursing the baby, and
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Dom populära spiralböckerna i miniformat (A6) säljer snabbt ur lager. Nu finns det endast 1 kvar av skönheten med fjäril på! ???? ☁️
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And on Sundays we have bowls with our besties @playabowlswallstreetnyc ???????? end the weekend right at your favorite Playa location ???? . . . . #playabowls #gobowlsdeep #welcometopineappleland #njsoriginalacaishop #acailovers #acai #acaibowl #healthyea
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Craquez pour notre panier rond et son joli pompon multicolore disponible en plusieurs coloris. Idéal pour s’accorder avec toutes vos tenues estivales, vous pourrez le porter aussi bien à la ville qu’à la plage. Rdv sur #style #swag
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