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“Personally for me, I combine both the scientific and lifestyle definitions to use in my every day life: Just think of yourself as your own planet, what kind of gases (vibes, personalities, etc.) would you want to constantly surround yourself with, much less breath in every day? You would not...
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Where my non-Morning People at? 🙋🏼‍♀️ today on the blog I share my motivating morning routine that keeps me going through the day as a small business owner and creative type in general! • • • Mug talk: What’s your AM essential when getting your butt in gear? Mine? Coffee...
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beautiful photography by @kimerleecurylphotography • • • • #repost #horse #wildhorse #equinephotography #photography #mustang #animal #potd #equinephotographer #wildbeauty #paleaethetic #inspiration #picoftheday #InstaHorses #HorsesOfInstagram #KeepThemWild • • If you enjoy this photo and wish to repost, please be sure to tag Kimberlee! Always love her pictures! ❤️
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