I may not live in Tex anymore, but the need to go #TexasSized never dies. Giant cinnamon rolls baked in caramel and pecans, served with a little chantilly cream and a lime tuile. #yuuge #foodblogging #pastry
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Mary Berry’s Bakewell Tart - a classic tart from a classy lady 🇬🇧🍰 . . . (sweet shortcrust pastry, wild blueberry compote, almond cream filling, toasted almonds) -recipe on the blog, link in bio #BritishBaking #greatbritishbakeoff #blogging
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Every once in awhile I get the chance to do some social media photography for a couple of home and beauty care brands- I love every minute of it, especially all the props and flowers. #summerflowers #letthegoodtimesroll
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#chocolate is ALWAYS on my mind. and on my face, on my hands, on my shirt- I’m literally a child when it comes to eating anything chocolate-related. #blogging #selfcontrolatitsfinest
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M’SMEN!!! Seriously flaky and drizzled with honey, this is one of my favorite flatbreads. Native to Morocco, you can find m’smen (pronounced ‘em-semmen’) on almost any breakfast table or restaurant menu. (Since I can basically guzzle honey straight from the jar, this is the snack of my snacking dreams, any...
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Chocolate + Cassis Entremet with chocolate splatter garnish (Chocolate Daquoise + Cassis gelée + Feuilletine Crisp + Chocolate Mousse) #throwback #recipedevelopment #pastry
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