Guess who is on the cover of Simply Saratoga Magazine?! 🙈 Pick up your free copy! You can find some at the Northshire bookstore in Saratoga! #catchalks #simplysaratoga #SOCOOL
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Ink and pencil on flat canvas. (What?!? Catana doing traditional artwork? Like, not on the sidewalk?? Yes, I am equally as surprised)
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Itsss February in Saratoga! Which means it's time for our highly anticipated Chowderfest. I froze my behind off drawing this commissioned piece for Hungry Spot Cafe, so if you're downtown tomorrow come have a peak, take a pic, and fill up on Hungry Spot Buffalo Chicken Chowder! 😀🆗 #catchalks #catanadoesotherartbesidescomics
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Is 40° warm enough to do chalk? #chalkcravings
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I teamed up with @sunyadk to make this holiday video! So much fun; even in the freezing cold. 😅
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