Hectic day so posting late.... too drained to include a nicely written caption. Good night 😪
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My coworker and I had matching blouson sleeves today 🤣👭 Love the look but dang do they get in the way of everything lol In other news.... my next Europe adventure is booked! Next up 🇩🇪 Recommendations are welcome (please)!
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What a beautiful gray wall... I could literally stare at it all day 🤣😋 Brb - gotta catch up on @bachelorabc. I'm definitely Team Taysha!
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I'm finally doing it! A year (and then some) later and I'm finally finishing the last wall in my office 🤣 I'm decluttering now, getting rid of things I don't need or use. Feels so good to simplify 💗 Also, Juicy has eaten 2 full meals and has had 2...
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