Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year 2017 to one an all from Study in Finland! We're winding down for our Xmas hols but will be back right after the New Year. See you then, take care - and remember to visit our website for study-related advice! #studyinfinland #xmas #finland...
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Finnish university students are eager bikers but today also a horse named Kullannuppu was spotted at the bike racks on @uniturku campus. #studyinfinland #uniturku #campuslife #biking RG 📷: @libuniturku Turun kuuluisin Kullannuppu nähtiin tänään Publicumin pyöräparkissa. 🐎🚲 #Turku #hevonen #kullannuppu
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Colourful autumn in Lapland. RG 📷: @universityoflapland Reminiscing on good times at #Pyhätunturi excursion a few weeks back. Experiencing Arctic lifestyle in practice: research at SGO, power generation at Kurkiaska waterpowerplant, reindeer herding at Korvakummun Porotila, and hiking at Pyhä-Luosto national park. #universityoflapland #ulapland #arcticstudies
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Welcome all new students to study in Finland! Student tutors are there to help you to get started. Remember to share your journey in Finland by using the hashtag #studyinfinland. We hope that you will have some unforgettable experiences! #studyabroad #studentlife #campuslife #seamk RG 📷: @seamk_official
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