Yesterday #motd that had to last me till 10pm because of the party. Wanted to use more brown tone instead of the usual pink and red. Im also tryinf to get use to red lipstick 馃拫馃拕 Eyeshadows : #canmake , #naked2 Eyeliner : #kpalette Eyelash : #diamondlash Blush and highlight...
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銇点倧銇点倧銇嬨倧銈弤 Is getting really cold and is time to bring out all the fluffy and warm clothes!! . . . Scarf : #monlily Top : #lizlisa Skirt : #bobon21
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I was screaming MIKAN even thought I have no idea what tree is this. 馃槵馃槵 today was beautiful! Was getting tired of the rain 馃槩 . . #ootd list Top and skirt : #earthmusicandecology Tights : #tutuanna Shoe : offbrand . Taken by @mimipiyo
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Don't mess with me, because I have a pocky! . . #ootd list Top : #monlily Skirt : #ankrouge Socks : #tutuanna Shoes : #jellybeansshoes . Taken by @mimipiyo
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When it doesn't feel right to wear a winter coat, so a scarf it is! . . #ootd list Scarf & top : #axesfemme Skirt : off brand Socks : #tutuanna Heels : #jellybeansshoes Spec : #alook Bag : #lizlisa . Taken by @mimipiyo
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Is 11/11... meaning IS POCKY DAY AGAIN!! And this time, @mimipiyo manage to get the bigger size pocky! So many people were having pocky war in school, it was funny!
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