[holy mother of god] @noaa reporting literally a metric ass ton (20 feet) on the west coast. Via @powdermagazine "According to the Reno NOAA office, "Bottom line...confidence is growing in the development of an atmospheric river storm for this coming weekend into early next week with copious amounts of precipitation."
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An #EPOV from Eric Pollard on his #LINEPescado has us missing crisp winter mornings. Who's ready for some pow?
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New #ZermattGlacierDays is online now for your viewing pleasure! Checkout what @samiortlieb, @willwesson and friends have been up to in #Zermatt #Switzerland this summer! @snowparkzermatt
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The view from the top of @willwesson's head as he cruises a lap through @snowparkzermatt last week. New #ZermattGlacierDays episode from #Matterhorn land this Sunday!!!
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Find #ericpollard & his jump. Throwback to filming for Sunny by @level1 📷 @freedlecoty
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