Is anyone else doing @whole30 right now?!? I'm on day 5 of my first round ever! These have been some of my favorite meals so far! Just scrumptious! •breakfast salad • chicken salad with raspberries • turkey stuffed spaghetti squash • shrimp and shiitake mushroom stir fry • eggs with...
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Finally putting that Apple Pencil to some use and joining @thefirstgradeparade for #wordartweds! Breakfast Edition. 🍳 🥓 ☕️ Iced coffee all year long. Starbucks > Dunkin Donuts Home fries > Hashbrowns Brunch is my favorite meal.
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Spin & Sort: Diphthongs edition! Last week my 2nd graders needed a little phonemic awareness practice, trying to decipher between the sounds aw, oi, and oo. This game did the trick! 🖍✏️ You can find tons more print and play phonics games at #susanjonesphonics
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We celebrated my brother’s wedding last night and this guy was my brother’s best man. Parks nailed his speech, kept everyone calm, and tore it up on the dance floor. Such a fun night 😍💍
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Sarah over at @snippetsbysarah is a WEALTH of knowledge about all things literacy! She shared a few great charts of information about dyslexia a little while back that had me wanting to learn more and more! If you teach literacy in any capacity, you need to follow her. Plus, she’s...
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180 days spent together is no joke! In my class we would spend a whole day at the end of the year with the theme, “Memories.” For the science lesson of the day we would learn a little bit about our brains and our hippocampus which stores our memories. We...
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