More from my New Year's adventures... In 15 years of living in Southern California, I never knew there was a slot canyon just outside of Palm Springs. Featuring ladders to climb, a desert landscape akin to Death Valley, panoramic views at the summit, and a Utah-esque slot, this is easily...
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110/365 I've seen this river from multiple vantage points, trail heads, and walks and drives through town, and I never tire of it.
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109/365 From a bluebird day in the mountains to a walk on the river just hours later... This is why I love living here.
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108/365 What did the mama cow say to the baby cow? ... "It's pasture bedtime." 😂 (Yes, someone has been up with a squealing two-year-old who thinks bedtime = jumping on the bed, laughing maniacally, practicing somersaults, and acting out her favorite books.)
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107/365 Driving through my neighborhood this morning, it was so lovely to see the trees start budding with hints of green and signs of spring... Meanwhile, still winter up at Bachelor today. 😍
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