More from my New Year's adventures... In 15 years of living in Southern California, I never knew there was a slot canyon just outside of Palm Springs. Featuring ladders to climb, a desert landscape akin to Death Valley, panoramic views at the summit, and a Utah-esque slot, this is easily...
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Stage II of an artichoke, and an interesting tidbit... While we consider an artichoke to be a vegetable, it's actually a thistle and the part that we eat is actually the flower bud!
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Sometimes I feel like my purple artichokes are simply too pretty to pick and eat.
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Vung Tau, Vietnam... and that's a wrap with our vacation! Not a bad way to end it.
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Gemma's first swim in the South China Sea. This little Pisces is a true water baby!
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I grew up eating the occasional toddy palm seed out of a can, but it wasn't until my visit to Myanmar that I actually saw it being harvested out of fresh coconuts! The refreshing, slightly chewy, slightly sweet, jelly-like fruit comes from the palmyra (or sugar) palm.
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