More from my New Year's adventures... In 15 years of living in Southern California, I never knew there was a slot canyon just outside of Palm Springs. Featuring ladders to climb, a desert landscape akin to Death Valley, panoramic views at the summit, and a Utah-esque slot, this is easily...
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It's an endless playground in Baja for her... no wifi, no electronics, just good old fashioned dirt, sticks, rocks, and whale skeletons. (This massive skull had washed up on the beach years ago. It's an impressive sight every time we come here.)
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Baja lovin'. This was my wake-up view on vacation for the last five years (well, all of it except for the new baby) and I will miss it like crazy. On to greener pastures, literally!
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It's been an insane month of purging, packing, and prepping for our move to Central Oregon, a process that included one last visit to our beloved Boat Ranch in Baja. (Sadly, Oregon is just too far for regular road trips south of the border.) We'll miss the waves in front,...
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This picture perfectly captures what I'm currently loving about life: growing a garden and getting to share it with my toddler. She soaks it all up like a sponge right now, and it fills my heart to watch her waddle around the yard, seeking out dark berries (which she's learned...
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Most people think blues and purples when they think of salvia, but the Vista Red variety is one of my favorites. It looks like a firecracker of blooms!
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