More from my New Year's adventures... In 15 years of living in Southern California, I never knew there was a slot canyon just outside of Palm Springs. Featuring ladders to climb, a desert landscape akin to Death Valley, panoramic views at the summit, and a Utah-esque slot, this is easily...
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48/365 Hot soak on a cold day did us right.
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47/365 Happy Year of the Dog.
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46/365 Afternoon glass.
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45/365 While mama was away... someone got to go out with dad and play!
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44/365 I'm currently on a work staycation at one of the coolest hotels in town. Think: soaking pool, craft brewery, secret rooms on every floor, and secret bars in secret rooms. I stumbled on this psychedelic nook while wandering the halls and pushing on every piece of artwork on the...
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