Breaking news 🚨There is a new Lightroom in town. No, wait there are TWO! Which one is for you? Read about the new versions on our website now and watch the video about the news (link in bio). More videos from our experts with overview and review are just around...
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This week we pay tribute to some of the greatest album cover photography. We begin with this superb album from 1985. Cover and sleeve is made of 14 different photos. Joni Mitchell took some of them herself. @normanseeff captured the iconic portrait of Joni. What’s your favourite cover? #jonimitchell #hejira...
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We went to see the unbelievable macro shots by @levonbiss today. Each picture is made of 8000-10.000 photos to get all the stunning details. #microsculpture #macro #insect #digitalfoto #digikuva #bonnierdigitalfoto #geologiskmuseum
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On our trip to Japan and Thailand with Sony we made this #timelapse of daybreak over Bangkok. #diginordic #digitalfoto #digikuva #bonnierdigitalfoto
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