Hiking through a narrow gorge created hundreds of years ago by the San Andreas Fault.
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Fall color has long been gone in Bend, so it's a real treat to see all the trees still shedding their vibrant golden leaves on the other side of the Cascades. Raining sunshine, as I like to call it.
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She could spend allllll day watching the water and make it seem like the best day ever. Il dolce far niente... A girl after my own heart. 💚
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First day on my new @iamspecialized mountain bike, coupled with my first time exploring the McKenzie River. It's fascinating how the climate changes so dramatically just 45 minutes from my house in the Central Oregon high desert, to a rainforest environment west of the Cascades. We drove over the pass...
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Over on the blog (link in profile), I've detailed our long crazy journey from Southern California to Central Oregon, a move that up until this summer, I had no idea would happen so quickly or so fortuitously. We were able to bring our chickens! And our plants! And we found...
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This tree in front of my house had just started to change color when I moved in last month. Then it turned into a splendor of brilliant orange, then fiery red, and by the first of November the leaves had begun to brown. After today's storm, we'll be left with...
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