Hiking through a narrow gorge created hundreds of years ago by the San Andreas Fault.
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Most people are only familiar with kaffir lime leaves, and not the fruits themselves. Also known as a makrut lime, the fruit is unlike a typical lime: tough, thick-skinned, and bumpy, with a highly aromatic, astringent flavor. It's not good for juicing but fabulous for zesting; I add it to...
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We've had to pull up a few of our volunteer tomato plants as they were taking over the garden, and with them came some green (unripe) tomatoes that I couldn't bear to compost. Since I still have several jars of pickled green tomatoes left from last summer, I thought I'd...
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These rosy ruffled tomatoes were grown from 7-year-old seeds! So pretty to look at and even better to eat—I've been making mad stacks of panini with my favorite summer ingredients (tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella) all week.
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Strawberries, blueberries, pink blueberries, and mulberries... also known as breakfast in a bowl.
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I'm proud to announce I'm partnering with @ballcanning again this summer as an official ambassador, and I've had so much fun visiting and filming at the headquarters in Indiana this week! Canning with Jessica Piper (their home canning expert) in the Ball Test Kitchen was a blast, and we have...
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