Hiking through a narrow gorge created hundreds of years ago by the San Andreas Fault.
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77/365 For my daughter's birthday party today, I assembled a toddler-friendly cheeseboard: cheddar and pepper jack cheeses (does your kid like a little spice, because mine does!), pepperoni, salami, prosciutto, olives, thick savory crackers, thin rice crackers, apples, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, cornichons, and cucumbers, tomatoes, and bell peppers (for the...
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76/365 This is what March currently looks like.
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75/365 LA, then: It used to take me 30 minutes just to drive a few miles to the store sometimes. Bend, now: In 30 minutes, I can be on the lift on my snowboard with the wind whipping my hair and the energy of the mountain embracing me. It's been...
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74/365 Made a random, curious stop on our drive down from Mount Bachelor to look out over Bessie Butte, Lava Butte, and 400 other cinder cones that flank the Newberry Volcano. It's mind-blowing to learn that this volcano (still considered seismically and geologically active) is the size of Rhode Island!...
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73/365 She learned a new word today: pow-pow. Yep, I'm a proud mountain mama. 😄
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