Brooklyn strolling πŸ’•For the first time ever, Landon is leaving to visit the big city without me. And this is what I feel like ... 😭😭😭. #fineartfilm #nycengagementphotos #nycengagements
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Columbia feels like πŸ‚so we booked it to the fair! Ya know... how else would I be spending 40w+2 other than cramming in an elephant ear with my two faves!
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Soaking in the last few days as a family of three
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Well that's a wrap! We shot our last two weddings this weekend at the beautiful @theseapinesresort before this baby makes his debut, and it won't be long! We are right at 39 weeks. Cmon baby Shepherd!! #hiltonheadwedding #hiltonheadweddingphotographer #hiltonheadweddingphotography
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It's a beautiful day in Columbia, SC for a wedding!! So excited to be working with a great crew of people today! #columbiascphotography #columbiascphotographer #columbiascwedding
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Headed out for a sweet family session this evening! I love our weddings, but also love capturing the sweet moments of Mamas and Papas snuggling their little ones! #columbiascphotographer #columbiascphotography
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