One of my all time favorite shoots was published on @greylikes today! This little personal shoot was a dream! It's always a dream working along side the killer floral team @fern_studio and amazing stylist @jessicarourke. And @mikelrumsey always works magic with hair and makeup.
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I posted a few updates over on @thompsonsbuildahouse . We are moved in, and slowly unpacking. Holy moly, moving with kids in tow is a different world 😩 To y’all who have survived moving with kids- you all deserve MANY medals!
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We are finally approaching move in day. Follow @thompsonsbuildahouse for previews. I’ll be sharing lots in the next few days!
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The start of our 2018! We are much further than this photo shows, almost ready for drywall! We have an insta account documenting all of the things! Will share soon!!
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