This is kinda wild!! So, we've lived in our house for 8 years and 4 months to the day today. Sometime during the first year we planted two scrawny fruit trees in our backyard...with no idea if we could keep them alive. That first year or so was iffy (one...
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We came up with our own house rules today. Makes me smile!! #geekhome #yesiamageek
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Sweetpea cracking up over her crazy fluffy hair after two days of twists and braids!! #bugandsweetpea #sillyhair
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Exaggerated super-sad face that VBS is over for the year. Safe to say my kids are hooked and will be looking forward to VBS every year!! #bugandsweetpea #summertimefun #vacationbibleschool #sadface
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Two of my crazy groups...twelve summers and half a world apart, but almost identical themes!! My CIA (Crazy Invisible Agents) group of teens at summer camp in Lunca Bradului, Romania in 2005 with the theme of "Mission IS Possible"...and my Green Agents group of 1st and 2nd graders at VBS...
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The three musketeers!! Bug and his buddies T and J. Thick as thieves at VBS this week...and beyond!! #bugandsweetpea #summertimefun #vacationbibleschool #buddies
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