We're so excited for our Surf & Photography DTS this fall! Get ready for photo excursions, exploring, sunsets, and a whole lot of Jesus! 🤙🏼 Check the link in our bio for the fall promo video!
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Cultivate R E S T “Just like work, when it’s done right is an act of worship, the same is true with rest. You can rest as an act of worship to God. You can even rest to the glory of God. When you enjoy the world as God intended...
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2018 is shaping up to be 👌🏼
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Water needs to be still to give a clear reflection. Hoping we’ll all take some time in this new year to be still, to pause, to breathe, and thank God for this crazy beautiful life! #2018letsdothis
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Cultivate G r a t i t u d e What is one thing you’re most grateful for in 2017? #CultivateDTS
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We’ve had an amazing opportunity to work on a local farm this past week. This farm is connected to a coffee shop in Nicaragua that provides work for local people who are going through the alcoholic recovery program. Our team has been growing and learning so much about ministry diversity....
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