Breakfast Pizza, Pantry by Pots 📷 @shane_syeimaa || Kilang Bateri
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Throwback to a 36 weeks pregnant lady wont hurt right. #instagramhusband #syaabibjournal #syaatravellog
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Small little things that made us happy. Feels Content. Alhamdullillah ❤️💕 #syaabibjournal #imannuwayla (in my favorite Tudungsarung from @jahansofficial )
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Our Nuwayla, our Little achiever. Mamiabi proud of you #imannuwayla for passing two weeks in a row events with flying flag!! #okaylepasnjjumniagajauhlagi
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Bibs jadi headscarf, mamiabi asal boleh je. Tapi skg citer dia, mata mana mata Nuwayla? 🤣😝 #imannuwayla #shesagirl #irarelydressheragown #lasaksikitokaywhat
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Anak abi lettew but neyy you still need me Nuwayla! 😝 #imannuwayla #igavebirthtoyouiman #uneedmymilk
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