This guy. A friend, musical comrade, and social media evader. #newmusic #originalmusic #singersongwriter #daveramont
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Week 35 “River Roll (Desire)”. This is a much more recent tune. My love for #chriswhitley lead me to this guitar and opened my ears to the beauty of open tunings. For the full version and more check out the link in my bio. #singersongwriter #indiemusic #originalmusic #nationalresophonic #asongaweek #musicislife...
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“Drifting” is entry 34 in my Diggin’ In The Ditch series and is a song I wrote years ago and never really played out. #singersongwriter #acousticguitar #originalmusic
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It’s the Sunday before Christmas so I thought it was only fitting for this week’s song to be of the season. So here at Diggin’ In The Ditch: Week 33 is one of the few Christmas songs I’ve ever written, “Mary.” The whole song will be posted to the YouTube...
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