This is Fortezza. It used to be a cafe restaurant where we had delicious meals and drinks 🍸 with views to the old town of Chania and the deep blue sea of Kritiko Pelagos. Nowadays Fortezza stands alone, abandoned, with just the visitors to the lighthouse passing by to take...
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Would love to just be admiring the view but the distance till the beach was too long and our time was limited😔. #whyyoushouldvisitcrete #my_greece
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One of the things I loved during our hike was the intense smell of pine and oregano!!! #whyyoushouldvisitcrete #my_greece #olivetrees
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Good morning to all🌞🌹. This is on top of the balcony of the Lybian Sea. One of the most amazing views I've ever seen😍. #whyyoushouldvisitcrete #my_greece
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Good morning everyone😊👋. I'm still working on my highlighted instastory "Hiking!". It was a 7 hour hike for me and I took a load of pictures with my cell phone but also with my camera. So keep on tapping "Hiking" to see all the beauty I managed to capture last...
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I love late afternoons at the beach❤. Wishing you all a great and relaxing Sunday🌹. #whyyoushouldvisitcrete #my_greece
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